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How Roger Federer Keeps Fit

How Roger Federer Keeps Fit? The Wimbledon and any other tennis tournament that Roger Federer won were witness to what a perfectly fit body can achieve. Federer, of course, took a lot of pains to gain the champion physique. Playing tennis alone even for a day would not suffice. With nothing to lift but the […]

How Spy Cameras Help Solve Common Problems

How Spy Cameras Help Solve Common Problems There comes a time when someone feels unsure about what goes on with the people around them. Maybe it is the nanny who seems strange, or the spouse who sounds uneasy. Problems of this nature can be investigated further by using spy cameras. They are discreet and easily […]

Did You Grow Up Too Fast The Myth Of Premature Maturity

Did You Grow Up Too Fast? The Myth of Premature Maturity The little girl with no needs. The little boy who takes care of mom. Premature maturity, is in fact, read more no escape from having needs or needing to be taken care of. It is not an escape from being a child, and it […]

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Did You Forget, You Are Happy!

Did you forget, you are happy! Are you just forgetful, don’t know how, or are you choosing not to be happy? I just got home from a conference in Bermuda where I got to spend some time with Fred Johnson . Fred and I were walking together he looked at me and said “Are you […]

Did Philosopher Nietzsche Hate His Mother

Did Philosopher Nietzsche Hate His Mother? What should we read more think of a mad philosopher? Must we take him seriously or should we discard his ideas as the ranting of a rabid madman? Some of Nietzsche’s ideas are worthy of study, but many others are feeble and laughable. In this article, however, I will […]

Diesel Performance

Diesel Performance In the recent period, it is seen that most of the customers are choosing Diesel Powered engines as the overall market is getting quite price sensitive. The increasing petrol prices being the major cause to force the consumers to sensibly decide on diesel powered engines. The diesel powered engines not only perform exceptionally […]

Diet Eat Right For Smaller Thighs, Hips And Butts

Diet – Eat Right for Smaller Thighs, Hips and Butts Ever tried to lose that awful weight that gathers around your hips, attaches itself to your buttocks and makes your thighs look like cream cheese? About 80% of the people reading this article have nodded and said Oh Yes! As we all have different shapes […]